New Aquaman Image Shows Arthur & Mera Before King Atlan

Posted 2018/09/03 101 0

A new Aquaman promotional image reveals Arthur and Mera locating King Atlan’s hidden message. After more than a year hiatus, the DCEU is gearing up to release the next film installment in their cinematic franchise with the upcoming James Wan-directed movie. Serving as the official origin story of Aquaman, the Jason Momoa-led flick will reunite fans with the character following the events of Justice League. That said, don’t expect any of the World’s Finest to pop up in Atlantis as the narrative will be mostly self-contained.

Up until this point, Aquaman has yet to wield the Trident of Neptune. Instead, he’s been using a quindent, which was borrowed from Mera just after Steppenwolf attacked Atlantis for their motherbox in Justice League. It will presumably still be Arthur’s weapon of choice for most of the film before he finally wields the trident and be the rightful leader of Atlantis. As previously revealed, part of the narrative of the movie will follow Arthur and Mera looking for the iconic trident while they’re being hunted down by both Patrick Wilson’s Orm, aka. Ocean Master, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s David Hyde, aka. Black Manta.

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Empire Magazine (via ComicBookMovie) features a slew of new promotional images from Aquaman and Shazam! Aquaman’s, in particular, reveals Mera and Arthur finding the hidden message from King Atlan that will help them locate the Dead King’s missing Trident. The three-pronged weapon will play a significant part in Arthur’s attempt to battle Orm for the kingdom’s throne. This is also fans’ first look at King Atlan, although, given the angle of the shot, it’s still difficult to gauge who might be portraying the character since Warner Bros. has yet to announce who’s playing the part.

The photo is a different angle of a previously released Aquaman image featuring Arthur and Mera in front of what looks like a hologram table. Piecing it together with what was shown in the film’s trailer, it’s safe to say that this was part of the two’s quest after skydiving from a small aircraft into what looks like a massive desert. It turns out the location of the chamber is inside a ruin within one of the Seven Kingdoms of Atlantis.

So far, there’s been only one publicly released Aquaman movie trailer, several posters and few tie-in pieces of merchandise to hype people up about Aquaman. But with its release date approaching, Warner Bros. is starting to slowly rev up their marketing machine for the movie. Unlike some of the previous films in the DCEU, the project has been controversy-free for the most part, prompting fans to have high expectations. Admittedly, while not everyone was sold on the aesthetic of the movie, test screening reactions have been generally positive which is typically a good thing.