The Meg Just Crossed A Major Box Office Milestone

Posted 2018/08/17 113 0

We’re in the final weeks of the summer movie season, which means now is the best time to catch a theatrical tale involving a shark. While shark movies don’t constitute their own genre, there have certainly been enough of them over the years, and The Meg is definitely one of the craziest. While critical reception toward the Jon Turteltaub and Jason Stahtam-led blockbuster has earned mixed critical reception, on the commercial front, it’s been making a killing. In fact, The Meg has now become the #3 shark movie of all time thanks to crossing the $200 million mark.

As of this past Wednesday, The Meg has made a little over $213 million globally, surpassing Blake Lively’s The Shallows and 47 Meters Down, which made $119 million and $61 million, respectively. However, it’s worth mentioning that those other shark movies had significantly smaller budgets, whereas The Meg cost somewhere between $130 million-$150 million to make. In any case, THR stated in its report that in the shark realm, The Meg only ranks behind Jaws and Shark Tale, not adjusted for inflation. Though as far as Jaws goes, it firmly holds the #1 spot with or without inflation adjustment ($470 million and $1.18 billion, respectively).

Given Jaws’ enduring popularity in the four+ decades since its release, it’s doubtful that The Meg will ever surpass that classic, but since Shark Tale made $367 million worldwide (unadjusted for inflation), I could see it being knocked from the #2 spot if The Meg keeps up its impressive financial performance. However you look at it, The Meg has definitely surpassed the original expectations, and it’s now about to enter its second weekend in theaters. Of its $213 million total so far, nearly $154 million has come overseas, including China, where it got off to an especially impressive start. Chinese company Gravity Picture’s co-financed and co-produced The Meg with Warner Bros, and its handling distribution in China.

The Meg follows Jason Statham’s Jonas Taylor and his allies on a rescue mission out in the Pacific Ocean when they come across a 75-foot-long Megalodon shark, a creature long thought extinct. Naturally, they must then stop the creature from wreaking destruction. The supporting cast includes Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao and Cliff Curtis. Given how much money The Meg has already taken in, one would imagine a sequel is at least being considered, and Jon Turteltaub already has an idea on how the next adventure should be handled.

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