Ming Dynasty

The drama tells the story of the early years of the Ming Dynasty, the country created a flourishing world, Yangwei overseas, after the Five Emperors and Six Dynasties, a hundred years of star-studded shining blood, a long-lasting Jinling old dream. In the first year of Ming Yongle, the battle of Jing Dynasties, the Jianwen Emperor cut into the mountains, and the whereabouts became the mystery of the ages. The old minister of Jianwen was killed by the murder. The royal priest Jing Qing, the husband and wife were martyrdom, and the eldest daughter was saved by the vice-president Sun Yu. The second daughter was murdered and saved by the prince Zhu Gaochi. The flesh and blood compatriots, one in the palace, one in the rivers and lakes, while growing up. Ten years later, if the micro-map seeks to assassinate Zhu Xi, the younger sister married into the palace. If she was in the assassination, she met the emperor Zhu Zhuji, and witnessed the political rebellion of Jinling City’s Bo Yunyu, in the sky, the twists and turns The emperor’s heart, the country is recovering from chaos, and outside the customs, moving to the capital, passing the canal, Zheng He’s voyages to the West, and Yang Wei’s overseas, compiling the “Yongle Dadian”, the prosperity will be completed. In the end, if she was determined to give up her personal hatred, assisted her husband in the throne, and sought the greatest happiness and tranquility for the people of the world. She went through the Five Emperors and Six Dynasties, and saved her life in the dynasty with her own temperament and wisdom. Being alone, going upstream, witnessed the birth of a great era. Written by Youku.com

TV Status: Ended

Duration: 45 min


TMDb: 8.7