The Void Evidence

“Reverse homicide” began with the law enforcement team getting an abysmal homicide live broadcast email. By the angle of this completely different characters of the juvenile authorities team, the mystery has been gradually pushed ahead, along with a homicide that a couple of years before was re-presented in entry of everybody inside the sort of revenge. Together with the cryptic and streamlined plot of this narrative, the friction between the offenders and law enforcement, the fact of this complex, but additionally shows the ingenious relationship between the various roles of society as well as several issues inside the very small particulars, there is a family, The excited for love, and the keenness of those brothers, along with the real interpretation of this film of the people within the new phase, could be thought-provoking.

Genre: CrimeMystery


Actors: , ,


Duration: 83 min


IMDb: 5.4